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Mortgage FAQs

 You may have come upon the website with a number of questions, well we would be glad to help. Below are a number of the most frequently asked questions from first-time visitors to the website.


So you’re in the market for a home and you’re not entirely sure where to start. You’ve found a few places that you like and want to make an offer to buy; however, you’ll need to obtain financing, or in other words — a mortgage. Your mortgage will likely involve the largest purchase you, and most Canadians, will ever make; however, how much do you know about mortgages? Many Canadians simply do the most obvious thing; they go to their local branch and ask for help on a mortgage on their new property. Undoubtedly, the nice representative at the branch is glad to help, but they’ll likely refrain from telling you one thing — your local branch isn’t the only place to get your mortgage…


As a mortgage shopper, you have the power of choice, and this is where a mortgage professional comes into play. By having a mortgage professional work for you, you’ve used your power of choice; a mortgage professional will work with you to secure the best mortgage from a variety of banks and lenders, not just the one from your local branch.


“What exactly does a Mortgage Broker/Agent do?”


A mortgage broker or agent is responsible for providing you the best possible mortgage. Your mortgage broker or agent is a licensed professional who will shop your mortgage around to various financial institutions and find the best possible mortgage product, terms and rate available. A mortgage professional’s goal is ultimately provide you with the advice to save you the most money on your mortgage – this is how reputations are built and relationships are established.


“What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker/Agent and a Mortgage Expert?”


Typical to any profession, there are firms and institutions that hold themselves and their people to a higher standard. As a three time winner of Canadian Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (Voted by CMP) – is a specialized firm where we provide boutique mortgage services for all of our clients. But don’t let ‘size’ fool you — has helped Canadians with over $9 billion in mortgages; effectively saving Canadians millions of dollars in interest, penalties and other fees. All Mortgage Experts have multiple years of experience to draw from; many of our Mortgage Experts previously applied their trade at banks and other lending institutions.  Our turn-over is the lowest in the industry for a reason — actively seeks only the best Mortgage Experts in Canada and actively works to retain them. Our efforts and our people are what distinguish from other brokerages, lenders or your local bank branch. You will not find our services available on Kijiji or Craigslist but at our office, located in the heart of uptown Toronto at Yonge & Eglinton.


“Is there a fee to use’s service?”


No. Using’s services is completely FREE for a vast majority of home owners.


“How do you provide services for FREE?”


Our service free to you but we are compensated with a finder’s fee by financial institutions to bring great clients to their portfolio. This finder’s fee is disclosed to you by your mortgage agent to promote transparency. This allows to provide you with unbiased advice and unlimited access to the best mortgage products in the market.


“In which cases would your service not be free?”


In 9 out of 10 cases, it remains completely FREE to use’s services; however, in scenarios where applicants face challenges over and above conventional means, there may be a fee incurred for service. Your professional will always explain this fee to you in advance and before any fees are incurred. No surprises.


“Why use a mortgage professional?”


Mortgage professionals are specialized in one thing: mortgages. An experienced mortgage professional will be able to access the best mortgage products in the marketplace and their expertise will help you save. A mortgage professional doesn’t work for a specific bank, lender or financial institution – their focus is on you.


 “Why is the ‘cost of borrowing’ not the same as the interest rate quoted on the mortgage commitment?”


The cost of borrowing reflects the annualized interest rate and incorporates all costs associated with the mortgage such as an appraisal cost, mortgage insurance costs, applicable taxes and fees disclosed in section 6(i) to 6(vii) of the Statement of Mortgage.


“What is your best 5 year rate?”


Our rates are readily available on our home page  free of charge. Are you aware that the lowest rate mortgage isn’t necessarily the one that will save you the most money? Find out why here

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I met with my agent on the weekend and he showed me why a variable rate made sense for me. I appreciated the way things were explained in detail and how he wanted to go above and beyond on how to show me to save money. Please pass on my thanks.
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