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Pre Approval

Your pre-approval is your first step before purchasing a home as it allows you to determine how much you can afford to borrow, your approximate budget for your new home and it allows you to determine your mortgage payments.


By securing a pre-approval, you also protect yourself from any rate increases over the next three months – and if rates go down? You also allow yourself access to those new low rates!


A pre-approval is a prudent move for the home buyer and is cost-free. Call a Mortgage Expert and get your pre-approval in the next 48 business hours.


Getting Started:

Your Mortgage Expert will consult with you regarding your housing needs and ask for a few items to get the Pre-Approval process started. These items may include:


– Your current employer and state of employment

– Earnings for mortgage applicants

– Investment or other income

– Personal Identification and permission to access your credit score


APPLY FOR YOUR PRE-APPROVAL NOW  or call us today at 416.480.0234 or 1.877.819.3619 and speak to a live Mortgage Expert. Get pre-approved in as little as 48 business hours — Let’s see your bank do that!


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