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Recognized for 3 consecutive years as Canada’s Mortgage Brokerage of the Year, MonsterMortgage.ca is the smarter alternative to dealing with just one bank. We have been helping people like you contribute to your bottom line and not your bank’s since 1997. How? By giving you the facts your bank won’t tell you about how to save money.

We mean customer service

At MonsterMortgage.ca we want your business. That’s why all of our calls are answered by a live agent, 10 hours a day. You can apply online, by phone or in person…whatever is most convenient for you. We know you have a busy life so we can meet you after hours, on weekends or even at your home or place of business. Let’s see your bank do that!

We make it easy for you

We know it’s a hassle going from bank to bank negotiating your mortgage. At MonsterMortgage.ca, you never have to negotiate with your banker, we do it all for you for free. We will find you the best mortgage solution, terms and conditions that fit your particular requirements. Get one of our Mortgage Agents working for you today and watch how they quickly level the playing field and start contributing to your bottom line not your bank’s.

We work for you, not one bank

What are the chances that one bank will have the mortgage solution that is right for you? Our Mortgage Agents have access to all of the rates and products from over 20 banks including your own. And unlike one bank, we don’t make money by selling you the mortgage with the highest rate possible. At MonsterMortgage.ca, we only get paid when we find the best mortgage solution for you. You make the final decision.

Your bank saying “No”? You have other options

Is your bank telling you that you don’t qualify because you are self-employed, new to Canada or have a below average credit score? At MonsterMortgage.ca we recognize that everyone’s financial situation is different and we don’t dwell on problems or past mistakes that prohibit your bank from giving you the right mortgage solution. We will work hard to make you successful.

APPLY ONLINE NOW or call us today at 416.480.0234 or 1.877.819.3619 and one of our Mortgage Agents will put together the mortgage strategy that helps contribute to your bottom line and not your bank’s.

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Hi Leslie,
Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes it’s been a big change but a good one :) I’ve had help with some very good consultants to ensure this project works well and so far it has!
Yes I will forward the renewal when I receive it. Thank you so much for your amazing service.
You both provided me with –  hands down –  the best service I’ve ever experienced in the mortgage process. Still can’t believe how efficient, professional and kind you guys were even now to be honest….lol
Leslie's Testimonial

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