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Your New Year’s Resolution – Slim Down that Mortgage!

January 7, 2014

Welcome to the New Year!


And as is custom for the rolling of the calendar, many Canadians find themselves making New Year’s Resolutions.


But have you considered your resolutions when it comes to your mortgage?


Many people might not, but besides slimming down your waist-band, you may also want to consider slimming down that mortgage too.


Much like losing weight or giving up sweets, shaping up on your mortgage is a worth-while and admirable venture; however, you’ll likely only find success when you have a specific plan in place.


In this week’s video blog, Mortgage Expert Kristian Harris offers up a suggestion for your Mortgage Resolution. Why not increase your monthly or bi-weekly payments by $40 or $50, the cost of a daily coffee around the corner, and put it towards your mortgage?


You might be surprised on how the years remaining on your mortgage start to melt away.


If you have questions about your Mortgage Resolution or how much you’d save on interest by increasing your monthly payment, send us an e-mail at Info@MonsterMortgage.ca or leave a question below.


As always — Thanks for watching!