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April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011, Toronto, ON – MonsterMortgage.ca has a new ad campaign running on television and online starting April 2011. The campaign tells consumers to remember that they should be loyal to themselves first when choosing a mortgage – NOT their bank!

The campaign reminds consumers that if they want to save thousands of dollars and pay down their mortgage quickly, they shouldn’t limit their choices to the handful of products offered at one bank. They should be loyal to themselves and consider the range of products available through a mortgage brokerage like MonsterMortgage.ca.

As Canada’s Mortgage Brokerage of the Year for the past three years MonsterMortgage.ca has provided mortgage advice to thousands of people who will now become mortgage free sooner than their neighbor who got their mortgage on their own from their bank.

Nick Ametrano, Vice President of MonsterMortgage.ca claims, “First-time mortgage holders, transfer and refinancing customers – who feel they have been hemmed-in by the narrow range of products, options and advice offered by the banks – have more choice than ever“. He added, “as mortgage brokers, MonsterMortgage.ca has access to products from over 20 lenders, including your bank. Let us do the work for you. We shop the whole marketplace for the best mortgage rates, terms and conditions – we consider your bottom-line first and so should you. Be loyal to yourself first!”

Airing online, on CP 24 and CTV, this ad is different than what consumers are used to seeing from other mortgage brokers or banks. “In addition to a compelling message whose time has come in today’s lending environment, we spent time to understand how viewers will experience the ad itself,” said Chris Boudakian, president of Cyclone Creative who developed the ad. “In today’s world people are watching CP24 in public spaces, with no or low audio volume; others are sitting on their couch with a computer on their lap while the TV is on. So our creative team used ‘kinetic type’ (an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation) to convey the MonsterMortgage.ca message and to command attention in today’s consumers’ busy visual environment, with our without audio.”

To view the first in a series of three new ads visit the MonsterMortgage.ca YouTube Channel.

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For more information contact:

Nick Ametrano

Vice President, MonsterMortgage.ca



About MonsterMortgage.ca

MonsterMortgage.ca has been voted Canada’s Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (2008, 2009 & 2010). The smarter alternative to dealing with just one bank they help consumers find the best mortgage rates, terms and conditions whether they are purchasing their home, refinancing a property or renewing their mortgage. MonsterMortgage.ca has been providing Canadians with mortgage advice that helps them contribute to their bottom line and not their bank’s since 1998.

About Cyclone Creative

Today’s information stream runs both instantaneously and non-stop. Reaching your target customer should be the same, because multi-dimensional marketing strategies are not the future. They are the now. Cyclone Creative is one of a new breed of ad agencies, reshaping the way brands are marketed today. They understand the power of integrating social marketing with traditional campaigns and promotions, and how this phenomenon can add a new dimension to communicating your brand. They create intelligent brand awareness by allowing instant brand accessibility.