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Can I transfer my Home Equity Line of Credit?

September 2, 2010

We received a question from one of our website visitors asking about transferring their Home Equity Line of Credit to another bank when it is time to renew their mortgage and what difficulties may be encountered during this process.

Carol writes:

I saw your website, and your invitation to send in mortgage questions, so here’s one for you –
We don’t have a “traditional” mortgage. We have, what I think is called, a Home Equity Line of Credit mortgage. Basically, when we talked to the bank we got a line of credit and mortgage rolled into one. As we pay off our mortgage our line of credit goes up. We have never touched the line of credit. Will this type of financing make it more difficult to transfer our mortgate to a different bank when our mortgage comes up for renewal? What will we need to know?

Watch our video blog to learn about transferring a Home Equity Line of Credit upon renewal.

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