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January 25, 2011


Dear Mr. Ametrano,

A co-worker was just telling me about some mortgage-related issues she and her husband are facing right now. Naturally, I suggested visiting the MonsterMortgage.ca website and that they give you a call if they need further help.

I just want to let you know that it felt good telling another person about MonsterMortgage.ca. I’m one hundred percent positive that anyone I refer to you will have the best person/team working on their behalf!

Around this time last year, we were considering the possibility of homeownership. After meeting with several mortgage brokers and bank mortgage specialists, it became quite clear that it was NOT possible for us to get approved for a mortgage. Despite my husband having a good credit rating, I myself did not due to a lack of a credit history. Frustrated, I posted a question on MonsterMortgage.ca asking if it was indeed NOT possible to get a mortgage approved based on our situation. A mortgage agent responded with a phone call the very next day and referred us to Roy Cocciollo.

Immediately, Roy caught onto the fact that we were newcomers to Canada and told us that there were programs available that DOES make it possible. I was still hesitant to accept it, thinking he’ll just say ‘yes, we can have you pre-approved and send you a certificate, but not really approved for an actual mortgage that will actually get you a house. Then he said ‘trust me’ and that he’s ‘been in the business a long time’… typical lines that some people have a tendency to overuse… or misuse.

In the most amazing way though, Roy delivered! His confidence offered us the reassurance we needed. His extensive knowledge of the business not only helped us get the house we wanted, he even made it possible for us to have the money to make some much-needed repairs in the house. I remember crunching the numbers with him over the phone and it made me feel valued as a client and not just some “file” that he was working on. During the entire time, he was extremely patient in dealing with our numerous concerns.

I would like to call Roy Cocciollo a Miracle Worker considering how it was NOT possible for us to get a mortgage, but that would just be silly! Roy just knew the MONSTROUS difference between what’s POSSIBLE and what’s NOT POSSIBLE where mortgage is concerned.

Regi & Anna