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July 14, 2010

Linda Kerr from Toronto is the first winner of the Annual MonsterMortgage.ca Renewal Contest. Linda won a $1,000.00 from MonsterMortgage.ca for renewing her mortgage with us. Linda’s name was selected from a pool of contestants that were eligible for the prize under the terms and conditions of the contest. A long time viewer of the TV show Hot Property, Linda learned about the contest after watching MonsterMortgage.ca on the show and then visiting our website. “I always watch the repeat show on Saturday mornings so when it came time to renew my mortgage I decided to visit your website and that is where I saw the contest promotion. I registered my renewal date on the site but never thought I would win, I was quite taken a back when I received the call saying I won $1,000.00.

When you register your renewal date with MonsterMortgage,ca you are securing the lowest interest rate possible up to four months prior to your mortgage coming due, so if rates go up prior to your mortgage renewing you can still get the lower rate. If rates go down, you will still get the lower rate…it is a WIN WIN FOR YOU and contributes to your bottom line, NOT YOUR BANK’S. Most banks don’t like letting you know about this little fact so they try to renew their customers’ mortgage at the higher posted rate not the markets lowest possible discounted mortgage rate. That is why it is so important to shop your mortgage renewal around to multiple lenders not just one bank to make sure you get the best possible mortgage rate, terms and conditions.

As an added bonus for Linda her experience working with MonsterMortgage.ca was a positive one and she talks all about it and her plans for the money on our video blog, check it out. Don’t forget to REGISTER YOUR RENEWAL TODAY so that you too can WIN A FREE MORTGAGE PAYMENT!