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Dec 3 Refinance your home and save hundreds of dollars

Posted by: AdminS


Hi Carlo,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful help in assisting me with refinancing my mortgage. You not only saved me hundreds of dollars per month, but you took the time to explain how I will pay down my motgage faster and I must say you focused on all the ways to make this happen!

I couldn’t believe how efficient and confident you were. It was so easy to talk to you regarding my financial situation and not once did anything seem too difficult for you. I was truly impressed! I have had many mortgages in the past with all the major banks, and never had this type of learning experience, yet I had been with them for over a decade.

They never took the time to explain simple things; It almost seemd scary because you didn’t know if you would be approved or not; so much static. All the information you provided when I first called was so informative that I went away telling everyone! Everything you said made finacial sense to help me.
I must say it has truly been a pleasure doing business at! I wish I had done this sooner.

Thank You again Carlo,


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