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Feb 16 Save thousands of dollars on your monthly mortgage payment!

Posted by: Kristian Harris


Dear Don and Kristian,

never been happier than in my dealings with!

Your willingness to take the time to listen and make a suggestion makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!

As I said to Kristian, Egypt and I both celebrated on Feb 11/2011. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on my mortgage payment and can use the extra to pay down my mortgage even faster.



Monster Mortgage is my favorite “go-to” brokerage for a mortgage. The service is excellent. Don and Kristian have taken time to answer queries without benefit to

Last week, I spoke with Kristian, who made a suggestion that I hadn’t thought of and which I followed through on. That simple support led to the opportunity to refinance and save me thousands of dollars over the next two years.

You’re the best.

With appreciation..

J. Seth

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