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Jul 16 You want to break your mortgage?

Posted by: Nick Ametrano

Our newest ad is the fourth (and final one) in a new series of ads that began airing this past spring and will continue to broadcast over the coming summer and fall months.

The new commercial is aimed at consumers who are considering breaking their mortgage and refinancing their property to make sure they get trusted answers to their key questions:

· When is now the right time to break your mortgage?

· Should I consolidate my credit card debt which costs me 20% a year and take advantage of lower interest rates?

· Can I break my mortgage to construct a new property or renovate my current home?

· What does it cost to break my mortgage?

· Do you understand the terms and conditions of your current mortgage contract?


If you are not sure of what your options might be, just ask. Your mortgage agent will provide you with a FREE MORTGAGE REVIEW to assess your financial situation and determine if it is a good move for you to break your current mortgage. Reviewing your mortgage a few times a year with your Mortgage Agent ensures that your mortgage strategy always reflects your personal financial situation and that you are taking advantage of everything the market has to offer. Call us today to get your FREE MORTGAGE REVIEW and learn how you can pay your mortgage off even faster.

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