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Dec 27 Getting Pre-Qualified for A Mortgage? Look Here First!

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Looking to get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage?

Under Canada’s new mortgage rules it is important that consumers have an accurate picture of “how much house” you can afford as today’s lenders leave a lot less room for discretion or error.

Income Confirmation

  • Salaried Employee – Letter from employer confirming all details of employment, T4 and recent pay stubs

  • Commission sales – personal tax returns, NOAs from Revenue Canada

  • Self-employed – personal tax returns, NOAs from Revenue Canada, business financial statements and tax returns

Banking & Financial Information

  • Know your banking information i.e., name, address, account types and account numbers

  • Know your assets (what you own) and their value i.e., cash amounts, stocks, bonds, RRSPs, car

  • Know your liabilities (what you owe) i.e., car loan, credit card balance, child/spousal support payments, all existing mortgages

  • Disclose ALL your past credit and tax problems up front – the bottom line is that your lender will find out if you’re hiding something – so it is best to disclose everything early so it doesn’t look like you are trying to hide something

These tips will help you get pre-qualified for your mortgage which will go a long way in helping your realtor find the right home for you.

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