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Aug 18 We Have A Winner! – “Win A Free Mortgage Payment” Contest

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Congratulations to the Barker Family Who Won $1000.00 Towards Their Next Mortgage Payment!


Joanna & Timothy Barker from Toronto are the 2014 Winners of the ‘Win A Free Mortgage Payment’ Contest!

The Barker Family was presented with a $1,000.00 cheque from for registering and renewing their mortgage with us. Timothy and Joanna’s names were selected from a pool of contestants that were eligible for the prize under the terms and conditions of the contest.

When you register your renewal date with MonsterMortgage,ca you are securing the lowest interest rate possible up to four months prior to your mortgage coming due, so if rates go up prior to your mortgage renewing you can still get the lower rate. If rates go down, you will still get the lower rate…it is a WIN WIN FOR YOU and contributes to your bottom line, NOT YOUR BANK’S.

Most banks don’t like letting you know about this little fact so they try to renew their customers’ mortgage at the higher posted rate not the markets lowest possible discounted mortgage rate. That is why it is so important to shop your mortgage renewal around to multiple lenders not just one bank to make sure you get the best possible mortgage rate, terms and conditions.

Don’t forget to REGISTER YOUR RENEWAL TODAY so that you too can WIN A FREE MORTGAGE PAYMENT! Inc. Broker #10516 - Copyright © 2018 - All rights reserved.