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Our Team


Don Bayer
President and Principal Broker

Don has had extensive experience working with a National Lender and was in a Senior Management role when MCAP Mortgage Corporation was conceived in 1995. Don was responsible for mortgage origination, underwriting and production for Eastern Canada before starting MonsterMortgage.ca in 1997. MonsterMortgage.ca quickly gained momentum and has been named Mortgage Broker of the year on numerous occasions. In addition to MonsterMortgage.ca, Don is President and founder of MonsterCapital.ca. Don has an Economics degree and a CFP designation.

Kristian Harris
Head of Sales
Kristian started his mortgage career in 1996 with London Life working closely with Financial Planners and their clients mortgage needs. After becoming the number one agent in the company, he decided it was time to move on to becoming a broker. Kristian quickly became a top producer year over year at MonsterMortgage.ca and eventually was brought in as a partner into the firm and then took on a sales manager role for the company from 2014-2017.
After stepping back for a few years and returning to brokering, Kristian has now returned to a leadership role which includes recruiting, training and sales. 
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Alvernaz, Diane
Mortgage Agent (No. M08002916)
Diane@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 254 416-544-5101
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Ametrano, Nick
Mortgage Agent
Nick@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 261
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Austria, Elaine
Mortgage Associate
Elainea@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 249 416-544-5126
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Celic, Ryan
Mortgage Agent (No. M20000253)
RyanC@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 221
Monster Member Image
Currie, David
Mortgage Agent (No. M08003112)
DaveCurrie@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 228 416-544-5104
Monster Member Image
Currie, Sean
Mortgage Agent (No. M18001188)
Sean@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 242 416-544-5120
Monster Member Image
Egberts, Wynand
Mortgage Agent (No. M09002738)
Wynand@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 280 416-544-5112
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Furgiuele, Robert
Mortgage Agent (No. M20003054)
Robert@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 247
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Harris, Kristian
Mortgage Agent (No. M08003194)
Kristian@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 248 416-544-5107
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Lam, Tony
Mortgage Agent (No. M09000032
Tony@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 277 416-544-5108
Monster Member Image
Mann, Karen
Mortgage Agent (No. M11002468)
Karen@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 314 416-544-5103
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Mano, Nuno
Mortgage Agent (No. M10000645)
Nuno@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 259 416-544-5123
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Procska, Nickolas
Mortgage Agent (No. M22001896)
Nickolas@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 360
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Scott, Joel
Mortgage Agent (No. M15001658)
Joel@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 233
Monster Member Image
Wankhede, Surendra
Mortgage Agent (No. M11000173)
Surendra@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 331
Monster Member Image
Yang, Cindy
Mortgage Agent (No. M11001078)
Cindyyang@monstermortgage.ca 416-480-0234 ext. 311