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My Recent Very Pleasant experience with MonsterMortgage.ca

The following testimonial is unedited and was shared with MonsterMortgage.ca from one of our happy…Read More

Mortgage Stress Test Changes

As of June 1st 2021, the government has tweaked the qualification rate, in essence, increasing…Read More

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement – June 9, 2021

Bank of Canada is keeping its key interest rate target on hold at 0.25 per…Read More

Transform All Your Debts Into A Mortgage

At MonsterMortgage.ca you can transform all your debts into a good mortgage. Now that’s more…Read More

The Mortgage Stress Test is Getting Even More Stressful…

Ottawa has once again stepped in to toughen up the borrowing requirements for home buyers…Read More

New Mortgage Stress Test – Change is Coming!

The only permanent thing in this world is change… and the mortgage stress test is…Read More

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The Monster Mortgage Magic Show

At MonsterMortgage.ca use your existing mortgage to discover new financial possibilities. Let us help you…Read More

2021 Interest Rate Outlook

by: Don Bayer, Founder MonsterMortgage.ca   I came across this cartoon in the G &…Read More

Closing on a home? Avoid this common mistake!

There’s a common mistake we see clients make during their home buying journey. Buying a…Read More