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Become Mortgage Free Faster with the New Monster Terminator Program

December 22, 2014

The New Monster Terminator Program

MonsterMortgage.ca is proud to announce a new program that will help you become mortgage free even faster starting in January 2015.

What is the Monster Terminator Program?

The Monster Terminator Program is an initiative exclusive to new and existing MonsterMortgage.ca clients.

Not only will you continue to receive timely mortgage updates and tips, but you will also receive an annual phone call from our new Monster Terminator Team who will work closely with your trusted Mortgage Advisor. Together, they will ensure you remain on target or get the extra advice you need to achieve the mortgage goals you set for yourself at the time you signed up for your mortgage. This is a personalized program to make sure you are doing all the “little, simple things” needed to pay off your mortgage on or ahead of schedule to help you become mortgage free faster.

When can you expect your call?

Beginning in 2015 you can expect to receive the following:

All of this and much more so you can become mortgage free faster.

Let’s see your bank do that!

Why was the Monster Terminator Program created?

This ‘start-to-finish’ program was created from a simple problem raised by one of our customers:

“After signing on my mortgage, I simply made payments month in and month out until I received a letter just a few weeks before my renewal. I received a take-it or leave-it offer. No one offered to advise me on what the best rates are, how I might be able to consolidate some small debts I had or what I could do to pay off my mortgage any earlier either. I was just a monthly cheque for them.”

A bank earns your business by having you sign on the dotted line – with the Monster Terminator Program, MonsterMortgage.ca will continue to earn your business throughout the term of your mortgage by continuing to provide you with money saving advice while searching for opportunities that can help you pay down your mortgage faster. We will keep working for you until your mortgage is…you guessed it… TERMINATED!

Has your bank ever called and given you tips on how to make them less profit?

Think of it:

But I bet they have called you to help make them more money:

What’s Next?

You can expect your first call in 2015. And as always, if you know anyone that is interested in terminating their mortgage faster, MonsterMortgage.ca would love to hear from them too.