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Financing A Renovation – Car Wash Edition!

November 22, 2011

MonsterMortgage.ca is proud to have another happy client!

Welcome to this week’s video blog where MonsterMortgage.ca President Don Bayer helps to showcase a recently renovated car wash owned by a MonsterMortgage.ca client named Stuart. This renovation financing came true through both Stuart’s ambition and having MonsterMortgage.ca backing him in the market.

Financing a renovation can sometimes be a tough endeavour. Stuart saw enormous potential in what was a formerly neglected business. MonsterMortgage.ca shared Stuart’s vision and represented him on the open market to make sure that he got the best financing on the renovation for him, to ensure both he – and his newly minted car wash – have the best chance at success!

MonsterMortgage.ca did not limit Stuart to simply one bank or one particular lender – the advantage of having MonsterMortgage.ca represent you is that you have access to various lenders who have to compete for you. This might sometimes mean offering the best rate; but obtaining the best deal for you may sometimes mean looking into the fine print or legalese to save you from any penalties or obscure costs.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding renovating your business or a business that you too see great potential in. Feel free to comment below or to send us an e-mail at Info@monstermortgage.ca!

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