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My Recent Very Pleasant experience with MonsterMortgage.ca

July 7, 2021

The following testimonial is unedited and was shared with MonsterMortgage.ca from one of our happy clients!


About a month ago, TD Canada trust decided not to offer me a mortgage despite being with them for 18 years and even though they verbally told me that I am eligible for their mortgage. I had sold my unit and had no place for family if I had no mortgage. Luckily, I had seen the Monster Mortgage program at CP24, so I picked up the phone and a gentleman, named Surendra Wankhede picked up the phone and right from the beginning, his professional interaction caught my attention. He listened to all the details of my case, offered his professional opinion and told me about the next steps. I really felt at ease when he told me that he can help me! As the mistrust to TD was already fresh in my mind, Surendra made sure to establish that trust between me and the Monster Mortgage company and let me tell you that he went above and beyond his duties to ensure that my file was taken care off.


He kept me in the loop every single day; he even spent several hours on Sundays and weekends working with me on the file and eventually, we were approved! I am a senior manager in the company that I work for and If I had an employee like Surendra, I would make sure that he is recognized for his fascinating customer-service skills, attention to details, and professionalism.