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Choosing a New Neighbourhood – What to Consider

December 12, 2014

Moving to a new neighbourhood is a great change, but it is important to take some crucial facts into consideration to see if that neighborhood is a fit for you and your lifestyle. Keep these points in mind when searching for a new home.


Check for restrictions – Some areas have unique bylaws that can restrict you from putting in that new pool you’ve always wanted. Some private developments land titles can restrict you from doing simple things such as hanging a clothes line, or painting your garage door a certain colour. Ask early to avoid unwanted discoveries.


Any new developments planned – If you are in love with a property because of the amazing park in front or the view you get from the bedroom window, don’t make the assumption it will stay like that. Ask a real estate agent to tell you about any planned construction or zoning changes that can affect the homes surroundings. On the positive side, enhancements to the neighbourhood can result in better value and improved infrastructure.


Is it a new area – Don’t judge a book by its cover, in this case don’t judge the development by the plans. See if you can visit the building sites to see where things will be placed in relation to the space including streetlights, fire hydrants and intersections. You will also be able to find out where retail buildings, schools or other amenities are planned. Ask questions before buying.


What’s nearby – Having nearby shopping, grocery stores, banks and recreational facilities can add to the allure of a neighbourhood as well as help it thrive economically. On the downside, this can result in constant or heavy traffic as well as noise levels.

Commuting – If you drive, or take the bus try to get a moment to test out the route from the prospective area, to work or vice versa. It may work out to your benefit or you may have to pay additional costs for fuel and parking.


Schools – If you already have children, or you don’t but are planning to, see what the schools in the area are like. Sometimes people purchase property near a desirable school, which can give you a reselling advantage.

Your life style – It is vital for the surrounding area to fit into your lifestyle. Whether it be must have amenities like access to transit, a grocery store or a place of worship. Make sure what you need, is nearby. If you have a dog look for nearby dog parks and if you enjoy outdoor activities, see if there is a park or a track nearby for you to make use of.

Neighbours, in the neighbourhood – Try to spend some time in your desired area to get a feel of the people that live there to see if you will fit in. Sometimes areas attract retirees, other times new couples and young families.