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Divorce and Your Home: What You Need To Know

August 8, 2012

A divorce doesn’t only result in emotional pain, it can often lead to financial turmoil.

Deciding on how to deal with the break-up of the family home can be the most intimidating and potentially devastating part of ending your marriage.

What you need most during this uncertain and confusing time is some unemotional, straightforward information and advice. Once you know how a divorce affects your home and mortgage, making important decisions like these becomes a lot easier:

Unfortunately, each of these decisions comes with unexpected pitfalls that can be very expensive and damage your credit rating. Knowing what to look for –and what mistakes to avoid–at this uncertain time is essential. That’s why at MonsterMortgage.ca, we will be releasing the “Top Six Things You Need To Know About Divorce and Your Home” list over the next few weeks.

The list will cover some of these vital topics:

Unfortunately, at MonsterMortgage.ca we’ve helped many families deal with the financial implications of a divorce; a situation which can be both emotionally and physically taxing. Help make sure you, your family and your future home are protected, as it is very easy to make financially crippling mistakes during times of emotional hardship.

If you’re in the midst of a similar situation currently and you’d like to receive our ‘Top Six’ list immediately, do not hesitate to contact MonsterMortgage.ca at 416-480-0234 for all the advice you’ll need.