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September 13, 2010


Some of you know I purchased a condo and just moved in about 2 weeks ago.

I know some of you will be purchasing in the future, selling and purchasing or aren’t sure if you are approved or not. I wanted to let you all know I absolutely had a dream team that helped me with this entire process. And if you are looking for the same for your buy/sell, please contact these gentlemen, even to talk with them.

They all went that extra mile for me and from what I know, it’s not just for me, they are like this with all their clients. Poor George, spent almost 8 months looking in every direction from far east, to west, north and south, condos and houses until I found the place. I had a thousand questions for Michael and Joe all the time and they patiently answered all my questions along with reassuring me during this process. Joe at the 11th hour got me a slightly better rate and poor Michael had to rework all the numbers again.
I know it’s their job, but it’s how they approach it and how far they go for a person.

Listed below are the contact details for each. They at least deserve a phone call/interview with you when you are in the process of looking for a home or trying to sell you place. They will work with you. Even if you aren’t buying/selling and know someone who is, please pass on this information. I know anyone would appreciate the work ethic, honesty and integrity of these men!

Thanks and have a great week.