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Contest Rules for Instagram Contest – December 6, 2022


MonsterMortgage.ca Contest Rules (the “Contest Rules”) Each contest (a “Contest”) hosted by MonsterMortgage.ca is governed…Read More

Interest Rate Announcement – July 13, 2022


A bit of a surprise with the 1% increase today. Most people were expecting a…Read More

Interest Rate Announcement – June 1, 2022


As expected, the BOC raised the overnight rate by .50%, this means everyone with a…Read More

New Government Housing Budget


The rising inflation today is because of the low interest rates, global supply shortages, conflicts…Read More

Are You Looking for the Right Broker?


While many consumers are not mortgage experts, it does not mean all mortgage experts are…Read More

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement – January 26, 2022

Industry News

Bank of Canada holds on raising interest rates to help slow down surging inflation. The…Read More

Interest Rates Outlook 2022


It appears that after years of declining interest rates, The Federal Reserve in The United…Read More

How Much? What a Great Idea!


Unreserved Inc. is a start-up in Ottawa whose mission is to bring more transparency in the…Read More

Short Guide for Borrowers


The Bank of Canada predicts this is the year its key lending rate will ascend…Read More

The Market vs. Bank of Canada

Mortgage Rates

A handful of economists are saying Canada no longer needs zero-interest rates but the Bank…Read More