Mortgage Renewal

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Mortgage Renewal

When you get the notice from your bank just a few weeks prior to your mortgage renewal date ask yourself:

  1. Why isn’t my bank giving me the best deal possible?
  2. Why is my bank sending me my notice so close to my renewal date?
  3. Is now the time to refinance my high interest debt in my low interest mortgage?

Looking to renew your mortgage but don’t know where to start? You’ve undoubtedly received a feel-good letter from your bank, offering you a ‘Limited time Special Offer’ on their fanciest glossy paper – signed at the bottom by a bank executive you’ve never (nor will you likely) ever met.

But you also don’t want to spend too much time on your renewal – so you’re tempted to take your bank’s ‘Special Offer’ and move on with your life. But wait – call and we’ll do your renewal shopping for you.

Your bank doesn’t want you to know that you’re in the driver seat. When it comes to your mortgage renewal, you’ve been given the power to negotiate and shop your mortgage. Let a Mortgage Expert shop your mortgage among 20+ lenders all looking for your business – and willing to fight for it. has helped Canadians renew over $3 billion in mortgages over the past 5 years, here is why:

• makes it easy & convenient – Let us save you time, effort and confusion of renewing with the best mortgage
• gets you the best rate – Don’t fall for the fancy marketing behind your bank’s “Special Offer” – they’re counting on you to be lazy, in fact, the big banks make billions in profits this way every year.
• will find the best mortgage for your current needs – no mortgage is one-size-fits-all, no matter how badly your banker says so. Let our Mortgage Experts find the best mortgage for you.
• The expertise, advice and consultation from Canada’s leading Mortgage Brokerage is completely free.


Quick fact your bank won’t tell you…transferring your mortgage to a new lender with better terms and a better interest rate won’t cost you a dime! The new lender will cover all of your costs. Still not sure, consider the following:

  • Should you be loyal to yourself or your bank?
  • Do you think you would get a better mortgage solution by having access to one or over 20 lenders?
  • Why won’t your bank provide you with a four month low rate guarantee?

APPLY ONLINE NOW or call us today at 416.480.0234 or 1.877.819.3619 and speak to a live Mortgage Agent and you can save thousands of dollars on your mortgage renewal.


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“From my first contact with Wendy Sykes, my mortgage agent, I felt I was in good hands.  She explained the process clearly and answered all of my questions. We communicated through email and telephone and Wendy responded quickly and followed through on all my requests. Negotiating a mortgage is stressful; Wendy was professional and knowledgeable, diminishing my anxiety as we worked through the system.  I will definitely seek Wendy’s assistance upon renewal and refer others to Monster Mortgage!” –…
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