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Land A Grand 2021 Contest Winner!!!

Congratulations to Joycelyn – Who Won $1,000.00 Towards Her Next Mortgage Payment!   Joycelyn from…READ MORE

Self-Employed Mortgages 101

MonsterMortgage.ca Mortgage Agent, Kristian Harris, talks about the challenges that self-employed Canadians face in obtaining…READ MORE

Transform Your Debts Into a Good Mortgage!

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Client Testimonial Thursday

The following testimonial is unedited and was shared with MonsterMortgage.ca from our happy clients!  …READ MORE

Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud

Protect yourself from financial fraud: Protect yourself from fraud during the pandemic   The last…READ MORE

What is a Financial Plan and Why Should I Have One?

We know everyone is currently in their “new year, new me” mindset, so we thought…READ MORE

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement – December 9th, 2020

The last Bank of Canada interest rate announcement of 2020 takes place today and rates…READ MORE

The Times, They are a Changin’

by: Don Bayer, President MonsterMortgage.ca   This is an opinion piece based on the questions…READ MORE

Leasing or Financing – What’s the Right Call For YOU When it Comes to Owning a Car? NEWSTALK 1010 Podcast

Leasing and financing may sound like similar options but when you get down to the…READ MORE