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Self-Employed Mortgages 101

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Is Canada in a housing bubble?

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Hot Property Time Change Announcement

Hot Property will be moving to Thursday at 9pm   Since 2002, CP24’s Hot Property…READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Condo?

The condominium market is currently in the penalty box, especially in downtown Toronto. There are…READ MORE

The Times, They are a Changin’

by: Don Bayer, President MonsterMortgage.ca   This is an opinion piece based on the questions…READ MORE

Leasing or Financing – What’s the Right Call For YOU When it Comes to Owning a Car? NEWSTALK 1010 Podcast

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MonsterMortgageTV – Renting VS Buying in a COVID-19 Market

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MonsterTV – Credit Myth: Checking Your Report Will Hurt Your Score ❌

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