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Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement – December 9th, 2020

The last Bank of Canada interest rate announcement of 2020 takes place today and rates… READ MORE

The Times, They are a Changin’

by: Don Bayer, President   This is an opinion piece based on the questions… READ MORE

MonsterMortgageTV – Renting VS Buying in a COVID-19 Market

Given how swiftly conditions have changed and continue to evolve in the housing market across… READ MORE

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement – September 9, 2020

No Change to Overnight Rate   The Bank of Canada has announced it will hold… READ MORE

Your Options Upon Mortgage Renewal Time has helped thousands of people deal with the “special offer” that banks will send… READ MORE

Mortgage Rates Keep Setting Record Lows – Is It Worth Breaking Your Current Mortgage?

Anyone who is staying up to date on the latest Canadian mortgage trends has noticed… READ MORE

Bank of Canada lowering rates to provide “stability”?

Hot Property Question of the Week – March 05, 2020   Question from a viewer:… READ MORE

Mortgage Stress Test Changes

The Federal Government has announced that we will see changes to the stress test starting… READ MORE

Bank of Canada leaves interest rate unchanged in today’s interest rate announcement

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada is holding steady on interest rates as it gauges… READ MORE

The qualifying rate drops, what does it mean for you?

The Bank of Canada lowered the qualifying rate used in the mortgage “Stress Test” from… READ MORE