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Last Rate Announcement in 2018 | Hot Property Online

  On December 4th, Bank of Canada announced the interest rate remains unchanged. In this… READ MORE

Interest rates are rising! Is it time to lock in your mortgage?

On October 24th, the Bank of Canada announced it was raising the benchmark interest rate… READ MORE

BREAKING: Bank of Canada increased the bench-mark interest rate to 1.75% as expected

This morning, Bank of Canada announced to increase the benchmark 1.75 per cent on Oct.… READ MORE

Scotiabank raised its posted five-year fixed rate to 5.44%

As mortgage rates are climbing, qualifying a mortgage becomes more difficult than before. The stress… READ MORE

The Bank of Canada is leaving its interest rate unchanged today at 1.5%

The Bank of Canada is leaving its interest rate unchanged today at 1.5%. In the… READ MORE

Another rate hike today? Here is what you need to know…

Today, the Bank of Canada announced an increase in the prime rate from 1.25 per cent… READ MORE

Age-old debate: Fixed or Variable?

The question of ‘Fixed versus Variable’ rate mortgages is an age-old debate. In fact, it… READ MORE

TD Bank’s correction notice on their rate hike announcement | Hot Property Online

In the April’s newsletter, we talked about a recent announcement went out from TD Bank… READ MORE

Bank of Canada keeps interest rate steady | Hot Property Online

On April 18th, The Bank of Canada announced to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged… READ MORE

Is lowest rate always the best? | Hot Property Online

This week’s Hot Property Online: For years the most popular question that people always ask… READ MORE