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Mortgage News

Interest rates are rising! Is it time to lock in your mortgage?

On October 24th, the Bank of Canada announced it was raising the benchmark interest rate… READ MORE is excited to introduce you to our newly redesigned website!

After months of hard work, is excited to introduce you to our newly redesigned… READ MORE

Another rate hike today? Here is what you need to know…

Today, the Bank of Canada announced an increase in the prime rate from 1.25 per cent… READ MORE

Age-old debate: Fixed or Variable?

The question of ‘Fixed versus Variable’ rate mortgages is an age-old debate. In fact, it… READ MORE

Are you holding HELOCs at TD Bank?

A recent Global and Mail article by Rob Carrick pointed out the interest-rate threats to people who… READ MORE

2018 Canadian Mortgage Forecast

With the new government-imposed mortgage rule changes (also known as the “Stress Test”), property seekers… READ MORE

Will the New Mortgage Rules “Stress” You Out?

On Tuesday, the federal government announced mortgage rules that will affect most home owners across the… READ MORE

Get to Zero – Faster with Prepayment Privileges

Your mortgage is most likely the biggest investment (and debt) that you will likely take… READ MORE

The Only Way to Win the “Low Rate” Game Is Not to Play…

Many Canadians find themselves getting caught up by the “low rate game”   Although the… READ MORE

10 Things to Look For When Your Credit Score is Bruised

10 tips that will help get your credit score back into shape!