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How To Live A Monster Life – Hot Tub Chet

October 5, 2020

Living a Monster Life means leading and loving the life of your dreams undeterred by bank guardrails or financial constraints. It’s what we help people do every single day.


Chet’s story shows how our modern definition of success can actually look backstage, the true realities of what it takes to be a creative outlaw. It starts just like everyone else’s: working hard to get money in the bank.


Chet built up a successful career climbing the corporate ladder, but risked it to open up his own business. Chet thought lenders would see his clout as a successful small business owner with a home in the GTA, a cottage up north, a nice vehicle and a daughter in private school. Being self-employed and leading a large team working with local and international clients still wasn’t enough to get the debt consolidation Chet needed. He was still rejected. So, when he came to us, we leveraged the life he was already living to solve his mortgage problems.


With MonsterMortgage.ca, Chet found the best solution for his business, family, and wallet.


What you consider success might not be what the bank considers success. Give us a call at 416.480.0234 or email ask@monstermortgage.ca to find out how we can leverage your existing clout into your mortgage goals.


Through the Hot tub Chet story, you can see that there are no safe assumptions when it comes to typical lenders. But we want you to live a monster life, the life of your dreams undeterred by bank guardrails or financial constraints.


If you have any questions about what we help people do every single day, give us a call at 416.480.0234.