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Construction Financing – Renovating Your Home

December 13, 2011

This week’s video blog follows a home in the North Toronto area that obtained Construction Financing through MonsterMortgage.ca

While in a beautiful area and on an excellent plot of land, the owners of the home felt it was time to make some additional improvements to their dream home and required construction financing to do so. The Big Banks don’t like these kinds of mortgages – they aren’t very familar with doing them and they aren’t particularly skilled at handling them either. MonsterMortgage.ca stepped in for our valued client and arranged for them the construction financing they needed to properly get the job done.

In the coming weeks MonsterMortgage.ca will revisit this particular site; MonsterMortgage.ca will look to meet with the builder and get some insight into his ideas and plans for this particular construction financing project.

If you or someone you know is looking to acquire construction financing but doesn’t know where to start; do not hesitate to contact MonsterMortgage.ca at 416 480 0234 to learn about the process and to acquire the construction financing you need.