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How does mortgage porting work?

August 1, 2010

This week we received an e-mail question from one of our website visitors asking about the benefits and disadvantages of mortgage porting, as she is interested in selling her current home and purchasing a new one.

Shanna writes:

I am looking to get information on the benefits and disadvantages of porting a mortgage? I bought my current single family home for $339,000 over two years ago and have a fixed rate of 5.69 over 30 yrs. I would like to sell and purchase a newer townhome (either through a builder or one that is 1-2 yrs old) for about the same cost or a little less. Can I use the equity from the sale to put 5% down on the new home and can I pocket the remaining equity from the sale? I live in a desirable area of Ottawa and homes in my area of the same size with smaller lots sell for around $350-370 K.

Watch our video blog to learn about how mortgage porting works and how you can use the equity of your home towards the purchase of your next property.

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