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The Adventures of DreamForce 2009

November 19, 2009

MonsterMortgage.ca is constantly looking to make the customer experience better. This week, MonsterMortgage.ca employees Lisa Petkovsek and Nuno Mano are down in San Francisco at a customer relationship managment conference called DreamForce (sponsored by Salesforce.com) learning new and fun ways to enhance a customer’s experience with MonsterMortgage.ca. They will be interviewing a number of people throughout the week reporting back on the DreamForce conference not only to our Mortgage Agents and Customer Service Staff but also to you the consumer. Along the way they will also be finding out what facts banks won’t tell people at the conference about their mortgages.

Those interviewed included (in order of appearance): Tom Wong, VP of DreamForce; Albert Vanderlay, Account Manager for Salesforce.com; Chatty Chat Chat, Salesforce.com Chatter Mascot.