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Big Bank Raises Mortgage Rates – Time to Worry?!

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

MonsterMortgage.ca has a New Year’s resolution for you…BE LOYAL TO YOURSELF FIRST!

In typical fashion, a big bank is starting off the new year by using the media to convince Canadians that “there is pressure on rates.” What does this mean to you? It means that your bank is trying to scare you into believing that interest rates are about to take off. These are the same banks that booked $38 billion in profit last year – 75% of which was contributed to their bottom line by you, the Canadian consumer.

It wouldn’t be January if a bank wasn’t out there alarming you of the doom and gloom that lies ahead if “you don’t lock in your mortgage today.” NOT TO WORRY… that is why we are here…MonsterMortgage.ca gives you THE FACTS YOUR BANK WON’T TELL YOU.

Call your MonsterMortgage.ca advisor today and learn:

1. Which lenders are actually decreasing their mortgage rates

2. Why you should not be concerned with the banks’ scare tactics

3. Why some banks do this every year

4. Why locking in your mortgage today could be the worst financial decision you make

At MonsterMortgage.ca we look forward to providing you with mortgage advice that will continue to help you make the right decisions over the term of your mortgage so you can pay down your mortgage faster and keep more money in your pocket and not your bank’s.

From everyone at MonsterMortgage.ca, we hope you and your family have a prosperous, healthy and safe 2016.

Warm Regards,

Don Bayer