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Fixed or Variable rate – which mortgage is right for you?

July 11, 2011

Our newest ad is the third in a new series of ads that began airing in the spring and will continue to broadcast over the coming summer and fall months.

This commercial focuses on the fixed vs. variable mortgage debate and asks consumers which mortgage rate works best for them. Consider this, a difference in interest rate of just 0.25% will save you about $250 a year, or $1,250 over a 5-year term, for every $100,000 of mortgage. A trusted mortgage advisor can save you even more when determining whether a fixed or variable rate mortgage is right for you. For example, on a $300,000 mortgage, a variable rate that is 1.5% lower than the fixed rate will save you about $4,500 a year – that’s $22,500 over 5 years!

But is this right for you?

With various mortgage rates and products available from our over 20 different lenders, you should seek trusted advice to get the mortgage that is best for you. A good mortgage strategy is more than just a low interest rate. Along with a great rate, you should have mortgage terms and conditions that will put more money in your pocket and NOT your bank’s.

As Canada’s Mortgage Brokerage of the Year for the last three years, we have provided trusted advice to clients like you everyday…and it is FREE. Unlike your bank, we get paid by the lender after we shop your mortgage to over 20 lenders so it is no cost to you AND we get you the mortgage rate, terms and conditions that is best for you.

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