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What Does The Future Hold For The CMHC?

May 9, 2012

The CMHC is a popular topic conversation in today’s Canadian mortgage and real estate market. There are many differing opinions on the role of the CMHC and whether the CMHC should continue to conduct itself in its’ current structure in today’s mortgage market.

In this week’s video blog – MonsterMortgage.ca Mortgage Agent Kristian Harris speaks a little bit in regards to the two most recent CMHC developments; the new role of OSFI as a strict overseer of the CMHC and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s comments on the possibility of the CMHC being pulled out of the mortgage insurance business. While there are a lot of opinions on the subject – both positive and negative – the truth is that only those with a magical crystal ball might know for sure how these potential changes could impact the mortgage market.

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