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January 23, 2010

Great article by James Pasternak in the Financial Post that I linked into from our good friends at

The article talks about the growing trend of consumers that are using Mortgage Brokers vs. their bank. In this particular case, kudos to Grant and Kathy for doing their homework and learning that when it comes to your mortgage there is a smarter alternative to dealing with just one bank. I would add that mortgage brokers are paid by the lender not by the consumer so their service is free. Fees can be charged but only in a very small number of cases and this is typically a result of the consumer having poor credit. In these cases your bank won’t even consider doing the mortgage transaction. In addition, consumers should be aware that mortgage brokers are required by law to disclose that they are getting paid by the lender. At we go one step further and disclose the amount that we are getting paid.