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November 9, 2016







The thought of 4 years of Trump got you pondering a move?


Not a big fan of the idea of a 1,989 mile (or rather 3,201 KM) wall bordering your country?


Are you a Republican who figured you’d rather have four years of Clinton but felt too guilty voting Democrat that you decided to stay home and watch Duck Dynasty instead?


Or perhaps a Democrat who was already through your 2nd bottle of Baby Duck when you realized that Florida was in fact trending Donald?


Did you wake up the day after the election and realize it wasn’t a nightmare?


Maybe you were one of the thousands of Americans that crashed our government’s “how to immigrate to Canada” website!


Well your problems end north of the 49th parallel!! For the month of November only, Canada’s favourite mortgage broker (that’s us by the way) can provide all Americans looking to move to Toronto with a 2.04%* five year fixed mortgage – and that’s in Canadian dollars (not Monopoly money – contrary to some reports). That means you get to live in one of the world’s top 5 most livable cities too!.


Wait there’s more. Did you know that:

– Eh isn’t just the first letter of the alphabet. It’s also how we end every sentence.
– Our prime minister has great hair too. It’s REAL and it’s SPECTACULAR – SEE!


Don’t know much about Canada, our food, our culture, our two languages, our likes and dislikes? No worries. We know and we don’t care eh…see what I mean?


Still not satisfied? Well if you act by November 15 we will throw in the following at absolutely no cost. That’s right FREE!!!*

– French/English dictionary
– Full and complete access to SHOMI, so you can watch all of Canada’s hit TV shows (while access lasts)
– A hockey puck
– A picture of Doug Gilmour (don’t worry if you don’t know who he is, you will when you get here)

Call today and we promise we will answer the phone. We won’t care if you are white, black, Hispanic, Republican or Democrat, man, woman, someone from New York, California or heck even Idaho.


We don’t just want your business, we want you…eh!!




*Terms & Conditions apply, eh