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Pay Off Your Mortgage… And Swim with Sharks!?

May 6, 2015

A very real and pressing e-mail from long time MonsterMortgage.ca clients…

MonsterMortgage.ca recently received a question from long-time clients who have reached the most exciting point in having a mortgage – the point where you get to pay it all off!

I have, yes, a mortgage question… We are about to pay it all off. You mentioned that we need to get something- a discharge certificate perhaps – upon paying off the mortgage. Was that it? Does this come from the bank or the land registry office? Is it an actual physical certificate? Would love to frame it… haha… We’re very excited! Almost as excited as when we swam with sharks.

Many thanks for your advice!

Tracy & Bob

Congratulations to Tracy and Bob who stuck with their plans and reached their goal of paying off their mortgage! Their reward?

Swimming with sharks!