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Show me the Referrals!

September 9, 2010

Don’t keep us a secret!

At MonsterMortgage.ca we love referrals, it is what has helped make us Canada’s Mortgage Brokerage of the Year for the past three years. Ask your Mortgage Agent if they have a referral program. Whether you are a client already, in the market for a mortgage, or just one of the many people that watch us on CP 24’s Hot Property or read our newsletter to get the facts your bank won’t tell you on how you can pay down your mortgage faster, you can earn cash, gift cards, subscriptions and more for your referrals starting today.

Here is how it works…have your friends and family contact us. Make sure they provide us with your contact information so that we can thank you personally. If their mortgage funds with us, then you can benefit from their referral program…it is that simple!

At MonsterMortgage.ca, we don’t just value your business, we value the business of your family and friends too. Please contact your Mortgage Agent for more information on their referral program and how you can be rewarded for referring your friends and family to MonsterMortgage.ca!

Thank you again for your business.