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One Of The Best Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker: Independent & Unbiased Advice

February 28, 2012

In today’s ultra-competitive mortgage market, interest rates are closely contested between banks and lenders.

The internet has empowered Canadians to have greater access to the latest mortgage products and rates; but that leaves out quite possibly the greatest value when shopping for a mortgage: unbiased, independent advice.

Your mortgage is one of, if not the most, significant financial commitments that you will make. When Canadians need help making this critical mortgage decision, an exceptional mortgage broker is the perfect avenue when seeking quality independent advice. While your local bank may have some of the answers, it is undeniable that a bank representative is limited by their institution’s policies, mortgage products and rate restrictions – after all, they’re employed by that bank and that bank only.

Consider the source of your advice the next time you look to commit to a mortgage.
Think about speaking to an unbiased source like an independent mortgage broker, even if only for a second opinion on your mortgage; you owe at least that much to yourself.