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Sep 7 Another satisfied customer!

Posted by: Wendy Sykes


*Good morning Wendy,

I wanted to express our appreciation to you again from all of us. Thank you for everything you have done for us!! We all have been in higher spirits =)

You definitely came through for us. Thank you for everything! We wish you nothing but the best.. you are truly a great person with such a kind soul. I have recommended you and Monster Mortgage to quite a few people. The experience with you was incredible. You treated us like people rather than just a number or an applicant. Thank you for your understanding and all your hard work.

You deserve the best!!!

I would like to send an email to your supervisor/boss to let him or her know just how valuable you are.

We will not ever forget this experience. I’m happy I had sent an application in to Monster Mortgage and had the privalege and opportunity to deal with and meet you.

Thank you again for giving my family a second chance to startover.

Sincerely yours,


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