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Oct 29 Little Guy Beats Big Banks

Posted by: Nick Ametrano


Please note the name of the bank mentioned has been changed

When I first started shopping for a mortgage I called my bank and to see what was available in the marketplace. When I asked the mortgage broker a question by email I got response within minutes. I asked them hundreds of questions by email and each time I received a response in minutes. It took anyone I dealt with at “my bank” days to get back to me if at all.

In my mind the bank only wanted my business when I finally told them I would not be renewing my mortgage with them and that I was using a mortgage broker to find my next mortgage. The bank should have been on top of my account the whole time offering me the best rates, terms and conditions available. Instead the bank sat back and took my money thinking that I would never look into other options. If the bank really looked out for their customer I wouldn’t even be writing this email.

Please finalize the paper work you received to move my mortgage.

Thanks again!

Jeff R – Etobicoke, ON

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