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CBC Reports One Homeowner Overpaid $10,000 on His Mortgage Penalty – Could this Happen To You?

June 21, 2017

Mortgage penalties and penalty.

What if you could have saved $10,000 on your mortgage… and no one bothered to tell you?

Earlier this week, one Toronto man was struck with an additional $10,000 in mortgage penalties than he should have, all because he wasn’t aware of the options available to him.

Simply put, this would never happen to a MonsterMortgage.ca client.

Unfortunately, the average Canadian homeowner encounters situations like these happen a lot more than they should because they don’t have total knowledge of all the mortgage rules in Canada.

As powerful as the internet can be, it can be confusing to hear conflicting advice from different websites and cryptic advice from public message boards. Of course, it’s also difficult to ever be sure exactly who the real mortgage experts are and who is just pretending.

In order to address this problem, MonsterMortgage.ca introduced the Monster Terminator Program, a platform available to all MonsterMortgage.ca clients to ensure you’re getting to zero on on mortgage – faster


In fact, MonsterMortgage.ca helped one homeowner save over $30,000 on his 10 year mortgage

Through the Monster Terminator program, one phone call saved a MonsterMortgage.ca client over $30,000 in interest and over $10,000 in penalties on his 10 year fixed mortgage. In fact, you can read about all about this story here.

So why did no one step in to save this homeowner $10,000 if all it took was to wait 60 days?

Do you think your bank or lender would give you the advice you needed to save $10,000 — taking money out of their pocket and putting it into yours?

More than rate, more than fancy advertising, it is knowledge and expertise like this that has served over 50,000 MonsterMortgage.ca clients with the facts your bank won’t tell you when it comes to your mortgage.

When was the last time you had a discussion regarding your mortgage options? Was it with someone at the bank? Or nobody at all? Could you be sitting on an opportunity to save tens-of-thousands of dollars on your mortgage without even knowing it?

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