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Do You Have a 10 Year Mortgage? MonsterMortgage.ca Just Saved a Client Over $30,000!

August 1, 2015

Interested how our client saved over $30,000?


During a client’s recent annual mortgage review, our Monster Terminator team uncovered an opportunity that could benefit anyone who is currently in a 10 year mortgage. In this particular case, the client had a mortgage balance of approximately $300,000. When the client first received their 10 year mortgage it was considered a great product with an extremely attractive mortgage rate. Fast forward to today and interest rates have dropped further. By exploiting some new facts that the banks won’t tell you, MonsterMortgage.ca found yet another way to help you beat your bank and terminate your mortgage even faster.


What did we do? MonsterMortgage.ca restructured the client’s existing mortgage by consolidating their credit card debt and arranging a new mortgage for them. Doing so helped the client save an additional $3,000 per year. The solution was simple, hassle free and even more importantly, the client got to take money out of the bank’s pocket and put it back in their own.


MonsterMortgage.ca is calling all clients, in particular those in a 10 year fixed rate mortgage…BUT DON’T WAIT FOR US TO CALL YOU! Call or email us today so you can start saving your money and terminating your mortgage sooner. If you or someone you know are currently in a 10 year mortgage, you may have locked into a great mortgage product only a few years ago…but today…with rates at even historically lows, you could be sitting on a small nest egg.


At MonsterMortgage.ca we our doing our part to alert all our clients in a 10 year mortgage to take advantage of this new opportunity. Please help spread the word, if you or anyone you know is in a 10 year mortgage have them call today.


Please call or email us today to review your potential savings and put more money in your pocket NOT your bank’s.