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Introducing the first issue of the new MonsterMortgage.ca E-Newsletter!

September 16, 2010

Welcome to the first issue of the new MonsterMortgage.ca monthly e-newsletter. This e-newsletter is designed to bring you even more important information, facts and tips on how to pay down your mortgage faster and contribute to YOUR bottom line and NOT your bank’s. In addition to the valuable tools, insights and strategies discussed in our monthly feature articles that have helped our clients save thousands of dollars per year, we will also be bringing you video blogs covering the “hot topics” of the day that everyone with a mortgage or looking to get one is talking about. Whether you are buying a home, renewing your mortgage or refinancing your property, the new MonsterMortgage.ca e-newsletter will provide you with even more information that you can start to apply to your mortgage strategy today.

Look for your monthly e-newsletter whether you want to know if you should choose a fixed or variable rate mortgage, want up-to-date information on interest rate changes, need advice on whether now is the right time to break your mortgage, or just to learn all the facts your bank doesn’t want you to know about how you can pay down your mortgage faster.