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The Benefits of “Strategic Landscaping”

August 31, 2011

I wanted to follow up on my recent blog post about strategic renovations to maximize the value of your home, today we’re going to talk about strategic landscaping.

When planning renovations, don’t overlook the value of your yard. Nothing adds more immediate curb appeal than attractive landscaping. Choosing the right plan will definitely make your home more salable. But even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced landscaping and be confident they have lasting value –according to a recent SmartMoney article, the right landscaping can add up to 15% to a home’s value.

Here are some landscaping strategies that offer the highest return:

Continue the raised planters along the front of your home to enhance drainage and tie the landscaping into the architecture.

To cover the cost of a strategic landscaping investment, talk to your mortgage agent. Chances are you already have enough equity in your home to pay for everything–and with today’s low mortgage rates, you’ll probably end up with lower mortgage payments too!