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August 6, 2010


PLEASE NOTE we have removed the name of the client’s bank

Dear Jason,

I don’t write these things very often, so forgive me if it sounds a bit “all over the place”.
Jason, we can’t thank you enough for ALL of your help last month. When I decided to broach the subject of re-financing our mortgage to my husband, I knew that he was going to be hesitant. He doesn’t like change very much.

When I called and left a message at the office inquiring about what I had to do, you were prompt to call me back. You were friendly and very understanding at our hesitancy because past issues with our “bank”.

When we spoke again, you were willing to explain to me (SEVERAL TIMES!) the way things work and the way the numbers were going to affect our life. Thank you for your patience =) You convinced me. All that was left was to show Jay that it was for the better.

You took the time to work out the numbers so that I could show my husband. I told you what he would need to see and you were kind enough to work it out in way so that he could easily think about it. That alone, made me appreciate you and the work you do. Our previous experience with a mortgage broker and “the bank” was not so great and we were both unsure of what to expect. You know that saying, “Once bitten, twice shy”.

You were there from the beginning of the process to the end. That is something that we really appreciated.

We are glad that we decided to put our confidence in you. You truly made the experience painless, which is a big thing in our book!

So, we would like to thank you for helping us change our lives.

You were great to work with and we would love to do it again. When our mortgage term is up, we’ll be looking for you, Jason.

Kamla & Jason