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How To Live A Monster Life – Electric George

September 14, 2020

When you’ve been an electrician for nearly 30 years, you get used to a certain set of financial options. But what if you want to make a move and change up your career?


When the union jobs started drying up, George started scratching his head for a new direction to take his electric career. The thing is, how was he going to do that while floating a mortgage and keeping up with payments?


Last year, when George was cleaning out his garage, he had a bright idea: pull equity from out of his mortgage to build his own business and create his own work, right at home. Refinancing became the best strategy not only for building his own business, but truly building his future. The banks all said no to George’s budding plan, so he looked for somebody who could see what he saw and help turn his old garage into a bright and shiny new business.


Looking to use the equity in your home to fund a passion project, a continued education or a dream renovation? We got you covered. Call us at 416.480.0234 or email ask@monstermortgage.ca. With help from MonsterMortgage.ca, George now has an electricity business that can expand to include a fleet all his own!


Now that’s a success story!