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Refinancing or Renewing your mortgage?

June 22, 2011

What do you think of our latest commercial?

The new ad is the second in a series of new ads that started airing in the spring and will continue over the summer and fall.

This new commercial asks consumers who are looking to refinance their property or renew their mortgage that to call MonsterMortgage.ca if you want to get trusted advice. Like thousands and thousands of our clients, we want to help you put more money in your pocket – and NOT your bank’s.

Everyday consumers are calling us looking for advice and answers to questions that a mortgage officer at their bank refuses to (or just can’t) provide them,” explained Don Bayer, President, MonsterMortgage.ca. “At the end of the day if you want to pay off your mortgage faster or increase your cash flow you need to be loyal to yourself first…not your bank.”

At MonsterMortgage.ca you will get trusted and independent advice from Canada’s mortgage brokerage of the year for the last three years and it is FREE. Unlike your bank, we get paid after we shop your mortgage to over 20 lenders and get you the mortgage rate, terms and conditions that is best for you.

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