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5 Reasons Why It Pays to Use A Mortgage Broker

April 4, 2013

I realize I’m running the risk of having this come across as a blatant, shameless plug – which it is – but since I’m your trusted mortgage advisor, I’d be remiss not educate you on these important truths.

So here it goes…

Today’s mortgage consumers are faced with more lenders, mortgages, features and rates than ever before. On top of that, current mortgages are often highly complicated and specialized. The only way to be confident you’re getting the mortgage that’s right for you is to rely on the services of a mortgage broker.

Here’s why:

  1. Specialist vs. generalist. Mortgages aren’t a
    sideline for mortgage brokers, as they are with some bank reps.
    As specialists, mortgage brokers fully understand mortgages,
    study rate markets, talk to lenders on a daily basis
    and keep abreast of the latest product developments.
    Plus, mortgage brokers are seasoned negotiators so they can help
    make sure you get the best available rate from lenders.

  2. More choices. Mortgage brokers aren’t dedicated
    to a single lender, so they can offer the full spectrum
    of mortgages from virtually any lender on the market.
    No matter what you need, a mortgage broker can access it, explain
    it and make sure it’s priced right for you.

  3. Mortgage Brokers make lenders compete. Mortgage brokers
    shop your application to a wide range of lenders and
    get them to compete for your business. When lenders
    know there are several others in the running, they
    offer their best rate and features right up front.

  4. Unbiased advice. As independent business people,
    mortgage brokers don’t have allegiance to a particular
    lender. So a mortgage broker’s expert advice is in YOUR best interest
    instead of the lenders’. Pun intended. 🙂

  5. Save time and energy. Shopping for mortgages can
    be time consuming and frustrating if you do it yourself.
    Mortgage brokers can shop dozens of lenders in the
    time it takes you to book a single appointment at your
    bank. And all the choices that mortgage brokers have helps ensure you’ll save
    money too!

When the time comes that you need new or revised financing, call your local mortgage broker for a free consultation in order to explore all your options. If your friends or family are looking for mortgage advice; be certain to bring up the benefits of a skilled mortgage broker!