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How To Deal With Your Mortgage In The Case of Divorce

February 21, 2013

On the Thursday, February 21st edition of CP24’s ‘Hot Property’, MonsterMortgage.ca mortgage expert Roy Cocciollo covers the topic of divorce in relation to your mortgage.

While divorce is something that no one hopes for, sometimes these events do occur, and Canadians find themselves needing to know more about what happens to their mortgage in the case of divorce.

The most important concept when dealing with your mortgage in Canada during a divorce is to protect yourself.

Here are some helpful tips when dealing with divorce in Canada when it comes to your mortgage:

a. You must agree to terms and have either a formal separation agreement or a notarized written agreement in place that outlines your asset division; or

b. Your spouse is willing to sign and get a release acknowledging that she/he has received the asset buy out and has no other obligations to the home

c. If your spouse is uncooperative you can get a court order for them to comply with your demands but this is very rare.

For this to happen, your spouse has to sign off on everything once the new mortgage documents are prepared (assuming you are purchasing a new home). It is advisable that you should retain independent legal advice so you understand your rights.

a. Then the old mortgage must be listed as one of your debts against your new mortgage. This may hinder your ability to qualify for another mortgage.

b. Your credit score may also be impacted especially if you share other debts with your spouse i.e., credit cards. If your spouse doesn’t pay their share (and you don’t cover those costs) both your credit scores will be impacted.

c. If your mortgage falls into arrears (regardless of whether you are covering your share or not) when getting a new mortgage the new lender may want to see a mortgage rating and if it is poor they may decline your new mortgage.

If you have any more questions regarding your divorce and how it relates to your mortgage in Canada, do not hesitate to contact me at roy@monstermortgage.ca or to fill out a contact request.

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